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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Solo CD -- "BE STILL"

My new CD is almost ready to ship. It will release on Friday, July 27th. On July 29th I will be in San Antonio, Texas with the Daybreak Quartet where folks will be able to buy it for the first time. I am holding onto the first 100: however, for those who pre-order it. Pre-orders will be signed and numbered (which will actually make them worth even less because I will have destroyed the original artwork with a Sharpie).

The decision to make a solo CD is one that I've been mulling over for years. I have had conversations with friends in the past about how I was able to schedule concerts for the quartet for so many years. I answered this easily because when I would call to promote the quartet, I didn't have to talk about myself...I could mention the other guys, talk about what they had done and why we would do a good job. For me to call and promote myself (only me) and try to paint a good picture is a lot more difficult. First of all, I know myself. Strike One. Secondly, I have always shied away from building up myself. My goal as a Christian and a musician is to utilize the gifts that God has given me. I have developed those gifts so that I can worship Him and tell what He has done for me, particularly sending His Son to die on Calvary for my sins. I have nothing in and of myself that I can promote. Strike Two. As for Strike Three, I don't think I've completely struck out, but not for trying.

I finally produced this project because I felt I could be an encouragement to someone. I have been blessed by the music of countless musicians over the years, and I am praying my music will also be a blessing.I love the hymns that speak of God, His holiness, His comfort, His power, His guidance, and His faithfulness and so I included many hymns on this CD. People have asked why I didn't record more of the newer southern gospel songs. Maybe I will one day, but the songs listed below are the ones that have spoken to me at different points through my life.

Be Still (release date: July 27, 2012)

1. I Sing the Mighty Power of God
2. Be Still and Know
3. Crown Him with Many Crowns
4. In the Presence of the Lord
5. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour
6. Blessed Assurance
7. Declare His Glory
8. 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
9. Stand By Me
10. I'd Rather Have Jesus

I hope that you will keep up with what I am doing and if I do ever end up somewhere close by, please come out and say hi.

God bless,


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